ProfileXT ®

ProfileXT® is the most valid and used career matching tests. With customized requirement profiles you will get the support to find and develop the best people for the specific position.

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CheckPoint 360° ™

CheckPoint 360°™ is used for assessment and development of managers and leaders.

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DISC Profiles Performance Indicator ™

DISC: Profiles performance indicator™, PPI, is being used for development and coaching for coworkers, leaders and teams. The DISC-analysis is a also a good tool for handling conflicts, increase communication, sales and leadership.

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Step One Survey II ™

Step One Survey II® is a short preventive screening test that measures the individual basic work-related values.

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Profiles Sales Assessment ™

Profiles Sales Assessment™ is being used for selection, onboarding coaching and development of sale persons and key account managers.

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Customer Service Profile ™

Customer Service Profile™ is being used primary for selections, onboarding and handling of customer service staff.

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Profiles Managerial Fit ™

Profiles Managerial Fit™ maps the ”compatibility” between the employees and their day-to-day manager.

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Profiles Sales Checkpoint ™

Profiles Sales Checkpoint™ measures sales people regularly to improve the the sales performance.

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